Reframing Fear

They say the only thing to fear is fear itself.  Sometimes I wonder if I missed out on the fear gene … and I sometimes wonder whether that’s good or bad.   On the down side, I’ve gotten hit by a car twice on my bike because, as a kid I’d fly downhill like a bat out of hell without fear … Read More

It’s Fall-Shed Some Leaves

I love September!!  Finally, the beach fog has lifted and the crowds dissipated. To me it finally feels like summer, but bonus, the kids are back in school!! Woo woo!  Whether you have a preschooler or older kids, I think they crave the structure and routine that school offers as well as creating their own little life and persona outside … Read More

The Mustache

[Let’s start this off with the caveat that for purposes of this article, the word “mustache” must only be pronounced “moo-st’AH-shhhh-e”] The joy of the mustache (remember “moo-st’ah-shhh-e” ) started long before this Greece trip. Last year Dr. Cap’s sister sent a picture of their dad at a little restaurant on the Mediterranean next to an old fishing boat. Unbeknownst … Read More

Finding Comfort in the Discomfort

Yesterday I had a no agenda day with nothing planned but an overdue eyebrow wax and a day with my 3 year old. We started off with a “lets see where the day take us” attitude. My daughter and I exchanged makeovers with magic markers and we stayed in our PJ’s until the late afternoon. We later flowed spontaneously into meeting … Read More

Sweet Summer

Finally, the sun is out!!  School is out!  It’s Summer!  Glorious Summer!! Do you remember endless summers when you were a kid?  I can still taste that feeling of freedom;  no schedule, swimming, backyard barbecues, sleeping in a tent in the yard, sandy beach days, and staying up late for movie nights.  It was the best.   I could talk about … Read More

For All The Dads

Dads, my hat goes off to you.  You’ve got a tough gig in this day and age.  You’re expected to love and bond with this teeny baby without the benefit of all the gooey hormones we get during pregnancy, delivery, and through nursing.  You’re expected to take care of us while we are taking care of this baby, but the … Read More

The Transition to Dadhood

by Dr. Jay Warren (as published in Pathways Magazine) Nowadays, Dads play an essential role in prenatal care, birth preparation and in labor and delivery. New fathers are also now expected to be active caregivers in the first days, weeks and months of their child’s life – bathing, bottle feeding, diaper changing, clothing, soothing, cuddling, putting down to sleep, playing … Read More

A Mother’s Day Wish for all Moms AND Moms-to-be

In this month’s newsletter we are celebrating moms and hopefully for you that means getting to spend time with those you love, enjoying your version of decadence, and so many flowers and chocolate! Wishing you the best Mother’s day to you all, especially to those that are celebrating their first mama’s day!  There were quite a lot of you this … Read More

A Mindful Mother’s Day

In small ways we can make every day a more perfect day just by slowing down and becoming more mindful of the experience we are having in the moment…this is the practice of mindfulness. All too often I find myself caught up in my to-do lists and go through my day forgetting my deep desire to remain mindful.  But sometimes … Read More

Spoiler Alert: You’re Not My Mom

Oh Mother’s Day … I don’t even know what to say about this one.  As a mother of young kids, you kind of feel like you’ve been through battle, and then there is this one day that’s supposed to be yours. I’m a MOM darnit, celebrate me. But the crazy part is that the moms who are in the trenches … Read More