Under more normal day to day circumstances, most humans do not move their bodies enough. Now add social distancing and staying-at-home to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for stagnation!

Movement helps in stress reduction which is essential for a proper functioning immune system as well. Not only will movement keep your lymphatic and circulatory systems pumping and nourishing your baby (also removing metabolic waste), but movement of mother’s body is essential for the neurological development in baby. Even rubbing your stomach stimulates neuron growth in the fetus. One study showed fetuses respond more readily to their mother’s touch than her voice!

Another important consideration is that free movement of the joints, ligaments and muscles of the pelvic complex encourages baby/babies to get and STAY in an optimal position for delivery. There are actual attachments (via ligaments) from the pubic bone to the uterus. Stiff joints, tight ligaments and muscle spasms will literally create less space in your womb.

Here are some movements you can safely do from home to encourage baby to move. Plenty of space in the womb will also encourage baby to move, stretch and kick limbs which contributes to neurological development:

  • Pigeon yoga pose 
  • Psoas and piriformis stretching (plenty on google, find what works for you)
  • Pelvic tilts on a large exercise ball (While we’re talking exercise balls, try skipping chairs and using one for dinner, desk work, and be sure to keep knees below the pelvis!)
  • Cat-cow yoga pose
  • Long walks and hikes as tolerated

Chiropractic care is considered an essential healthcare profession and I’ve chosen to continue seeing patients under altered and protected conditions. My commitment to providing care is with the intention of helping people to adapt to stress more adequately, induce a “rest and digest” reaction (especially essential for infants), to help mother’s prepare for and recover from birth, and for helping with nursing through gentle adjustments and cranial work. Patients are welcome to call or text me (951) 667-0763 to set up new or ongoing care for themselves or children. 

Dr. Kim McHugh

Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractor