This week I saw butterflies mating, a brave coyote stroll up our driveway and a mama sparrow patiently sitting on her eggs while the daddy sparrow fed her grubs and worms.

I have kept up with my usual routine of writing three morning pages and have enjoyed watching as my side yard slowly becomes more colorful right before my eyes. My husband is the plant guy and he has pointed out that many of our plants have new babies and leaves!

In these moments I am reminded that the world keeps coming in as these days go by. That spring is here and the opening and sprouting is happening no matter if I’m here, or not here, to witness it.

But, it just so happens that I AM here to watch it’s unfolding and for that I am so grateful.

I’ve noticed that some things have been budding up inside me, as maybe they have inside you? Some of what is coming is maybe not so comfortable and some of it feels light and cheery. Chinese medicine says that our Qi flows upward and outward, so if there is stuff stored in our hearts we will most likely experience it during this time.

I’ve started venturing into the world of telehealth, slowly working with clients as they come, trying new things, getting creative with my healing techniques and watching as my beginner mind brings new possibilities.

As I’ve contemplated what to say to you all and what might be useful the word EXHALE keeps coming to mind.

In Chinese medicine the health of our immune system is in direct connection to the lung’s ability to take in,  then clear and release what we no longer need.

As this virus directly impacts the lungs,  we will both benefit our immune system and come out of this lighter, if we take stock in what needs to be released and then let it out in a long and drawn out exhale. I am speaking metaphorically but I also mean to literally follow the breath until the end.



The exhale teaches us to trust our natural rhythms. It shows us that if we follow it to it’s end that it will naturally return us back to our next inhale.

No forcing, no thinking, just the natural transformation from yin to yang. Just as the natural rhythm of spring unfolds, so too does your breath naturally coming in and out. It is the easiest tool to bring you back home.

I have loved hearing from you all. Please keep in touch with how you are doing.   I love getting the baby pictures, your kind notes and text messages of solidarity. I continue to be here to support you during this time and hope to be back in the office soon!

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