Wow, it’s been a while.  I’m sorry about that.  I wish we had continued our newsletters throughout this lockdown and quarantine period, but at times, it felt like just keeping my head above water was about the best I could do. Then somehow, two weeks very quickly morphed into today.  For all of you parents who had school aged kids at home – YOU DID IT!!  Good job.  School is back and you made it through being a parent, mediator, housekeeper, chef, activities director, and teacher.  Holy moly, it’s been a rough run … but there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I can see it!! 

I pray that annoyance, inconvenience and maybe 10 pounds, were the worst of what you all experienced since March of 2020.  My heart goes out to all who suffered the loss of loved ones, the loss of businesses, and the loss of relationships.  Please know that if you do need someone to talk to, you’re not alone.  Life is so much more than everyone’s picture perfect instagram stories.
There are so many wonderful things going on that we wanted to let all of you know about.  Our team at the office and Wellness Center have done a truly remarkable job caring for pregnant mamas, mamas who want to conceive, their partners, and their families in these past seventeen months.  There has been so much joy, and we’ve watched people come together throughout this time.  It has been beautiful and amazing to see; I have so much gratitude for the team of phenemonal individuals at the Wellness Center. 

Not only has our team inspired me throughout all of this, but so have all of you.  We have such a compassionate, caring, and amazing community; I am so proud to see how we have all held each other up and worked together.  In a time where the media is portraying everyone as divided, I see a community united.  I see people supporting each other and lifting up one another.  I see families rallying to help others in need and doing whatever it takes to spread joy, health, love, and wellbeing.  (Anyone remember Cookies with Cap 2020? It was truly an outpouring of love and joy.  This community touched a lot of lives.  If you need a reminder, go back to my Instagram Stories.)  You have all done so much; please don’t forget that.  Turn off the news and love thy neighbor.  Trust what you see and hear and feel.  You are brilliant and beautiful; you are strong and brave. 

I see so much good all around. 

Speaking of good, we’re bringing back yoga!!  The phenomenal Kristin Lovett will be teaching at the center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-1:30.  This is something I’ve been dreaming about for the past three years and I am SO excited!  Please, do yourself a favor, and carve out time to come.  We are going to keep classes small, so sign up in advance.  Her energy is captivating and I promise that you will feel better than before you came.  She has been teaching for nearly twenty years and understands how to read people and go with the flow.  (You like that… I’m punny.  Sorry, couldn’t help it. My husband always says lawyers aren’t funny.  As long as I think I’m funny, that’s all that matters right?  I hope you laugh at your own jokes!  My 80 year old grandma (think every greek meme in a tiny old lady in an all black moomoo) used to start cracking up at her own jokes before she even got to the punchline.  Just thinking about it makes me laugh to this day.)  Sorry, back to yoga … truly, I’ve never met a yoga instructor so able to read a room and adjust the workout to meet individual needs. It’s not her work out, it’s yours  .  Kristin notices if your hips are tight and need a little more opening, or if everyone seems a bit distracted and needs to focus on an intention.  And if you’re afraid of yoga because you don’t speak Sanskrit and know what an adho mukha svanasana (downward dog) is or a chaturanga (basically a tricep pushup), don’t worry.  Kristin uses words you know and guides you through the movement.  She will tell you how and where to place your legs and arms, rather than yelling out random Sanskrit words that leave me (ahem, I mean you) frantically looking around the room to see what everyone else is doing. 

Okay – this was a rocky first newsletter back.  I’m sorry – there is so much I want to say. (I’ve written at least four other drafts all talking about different things).   But basically it comes down to: you’re amazing, you’ve got this, people are good, laugh at your own jokes, and do more yoga. 

Cap Out

LOVE Angie + Dr. Cap