Introducing Dr. Kim McHugh

WELCOME to the newest member of our Cap Wellness family

Dr. Kim is joining Dr. Jay in serving our Cap Wellness families with the finest chiropractic care. Dr. Kim specializes in pregnancy, infant care, and lactation issues. Her passion for working with this population started with the pregnancy and birth of her two daughters, both born safely at home and both adjusted within an hour of being born!

Dr. Kim is passionate about helping mothers prepare for and recover from the birthing process. She is trained by ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and is proficient at the Webster Technique, a technique long relied upon by pregnant mothers for its many benefits including optimal baby positioning, comfort in the pelvis and spine, less interventions during labor, shortened labor times and overall sense of well being. The Webster Technique assessment includes alignment and flexibility of the sacrum and it’s surrounding soft tissue as they cradle and anchor the uterus.

Dr Kim also loves working with children and newborn adjustments are her forte. She finds that gentle chiropractic adjustments with cranial and intra-oral work produce tremendous results in newborns leading to better sleep, digestion, nursing and ease of movement. 

Moving past symptoms and bringing balance to the body to promote healing is Dr. Kim’s approach. She offers low force adjustments for those that prefer a light hand but is also very comfortable and proficient at performing stronger manual adjustments for those that prefer them. To support her adjustments and help the body to hold them, she often offers suggestions regarding nutrition and exercise during pregnancy.

Dr. Kim is delighted to be a part of CAP Wellness Team, leaders in a model of care that supports couples and helps them to achieve healthy and happy births. 

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