I always look for stars in the night and rainbows in the rain. These past four weeks have been scary and hard, but there is still so much joy. I will cherish the time I got to stay home and snuggle in pajamas all day with my kids. The days we carb-loaded on pasta and rice because it was the responsible thing to do. (Sorry salad, I’ll see you after this quarantine.) We have made race cars out of card board boxes set on skate boards and had our own monster jam show and competition. The kids created board games and we played them all day. We’ve baked cakes and not cared how messy the kitchen got.  We’ve read books and laughed and had dance parties. 

Rachel Hollis recently posted a picture that said “your quarantine is a privilege.”  She posted it as a reminder to herself for when things got frustrating or difficult.  And she is absolutely right. Find the joy in this! Set up a “spa” for your spouse and have a spa day. Take bubble baths, give each other massages instead of binge watching Netflix, haha at least for one night. 

It is important to stay home as much as possible. Space out grocery trips, don’t exercise outside, and limit outings to doctor appointments that are critical to keeping your body and mind healthy. Businesses that have remained open are working tirelessly to make sure that the environment is safe for everyone: constant sanitizing and wearing of masks as well as maintaining social distance and limiting the amount of people who enter. California as a whole has done an amazing job at keeping people safe and I’m really proud of all of us. Good job! Keep it up!

I have so much gratitude for all the doctors, nurses, and staff who can’t stay home and who continue to keep caring for those who are sick and need help. Do I hate that my husband has to go to work in a hospital every single day right now? Absolutely. Do I trust that everyone is doing everything possible to keep everyone safe? Absolutely. I have faith in people. It also helps that labor and delivery is a closed unit, insulated from the rest of the hospital, and we have seen no COVID-19 cases there.  To everyone else working in the ER and triaging and treating Covid patients, you have my utmost respect and gratitude.  I pray that this passes quickly and that we are all safe.

For many of us, hopefully we will look back on this time as an opportunity to focus on what’s important, connect with the ones we love, and rest and recharge. I know it’s going to be full speed ahead once this quarantine lifts. So, let’s all give ourselves a little grace and enjoy the lazy mornings, eat the pasta, and try not to be frustrated by all of this. (Homeschool is no joke). 

I pray that the numbers around the country and the world will continue to take a sharp decline… and that one day, this will all be a distant memory and a funny meme about how the world ran out of toilet paper. 

All of our love, Angie + Dr. Cap

P.S. – Dr. Cap says he is going to live forever and when this is all over, he wants everyone to bring him donuts and pizza.