It’s back to school time – quite an auspicious transition these past days have been!  We just had a huge energetic shift with the total solar eclipse that encouraged us, knowingly or unknowingly, to move forward from the heart and release those old ways of living and thinking.  One takeaway from esoteric astrologers regarding this recent eclipse was to lose our acceptance … Read More

Yoga for Postpartum Depression

Millions of women experience the ‘Baby Blues’ which can have symptoms such as difficulty sleeping, tearing up and feeling overwhelmed with the changes in their life. Postpartum depression is a bit more serious and occurs in nearly 13% of the American mama population. It makes sense. Many women are exhausted and sometimes feel miserable after giving birth. They are often … Read More

Yoga + Fertility: A Positive Link

Are you thinking about starting a family soon? Have you been trying to conceive for some time now? Yoga can increase your chances of ovulating, becoming pregnant, and bring an overall sense of peace to your conception journey. Infertility affects at least 12% of women of childbearing age in the U.S.. Of that 12%, 20% are considered ‘idiopathic’, meaning that … Read More

Mama & Baby Yoga

Doing yoga with your baby soon after you’ve given birth (and after your doctor gives you the go ahead) can be a wonderful way to bond not only with your little one, but also with other new moms in your neighborhood. Here are some obvious and other not so obvious benefits of mama & baby yoga! Togetherness- You are in a … Read More

8 Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Mama and Baby

Yoga & meditation have proven to change gene expression in recent studies. They help lower blood pressure, blood sugar, reduce stress, engage the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the body to ‘rest and digest’, improve heart function, relieve back pain, improve bone health, among many other wonderful things. As a mommy to be, there are many healing benefits to reap from … Read More

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga: VIDEO

Many expecting moms are curious as to how prenatal yoga can benefit them. Prenatal yoga actually has endless benefits ranging from being able to relax to helping strengthen moms throughout their pregnancy. Watch this video from our yoga manager, Laura Munkholm, as she explains these benefits in detail.