When it’s dark out…Look for the light

I always look for stars in the night and rainbows in the rain. These past four weeks have been scary and hard, but there is still so much joy. I will cherish the time I got to stay home and snuggle in pajamas all day with my kids. The days we carb-loaded on pasta and rice because it was the … Read More

Important Movement Considerations for Pregnancy

Under more normal day to day circumstances, most humans do not move their bodies enough. Now add social distancing and staying-at-home to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for stagnation! Movement helps in stress reduction which is essential for a proper functioning immune system as well. Not only will movement keep your lymphatic and circulatory systems pumping and nourishing … Read More


This week I saw butterflies mating, a brave coyote stroll up our driveway and a mama sparrow patiently sitting on her eggs while the daddy sparrow fed her grubs and worms. I have kept up with my usual routine of writing three morning pages and have enjoyed watching as my side yard slowly becomes more colorful right before my eyes. … Read More