The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga: VIDEO

Many expecting moms are curious as to how prenatal yoga can benefit them. Prenatal yoga actually has endless benefits ranging from being able to relax to helping strengthen moms throughout their pregnancy. Watch this video from our yoga manager, Laura Munkholm, as she explains these benefits in detail.  

Fertility and Acupuncture: VIDEO

Many people ask our acupuncturist, Maring Higa, how exactly does acupuncture help with  women with fertility issues. Watch this video as she explains it in detail.  

The Webster Technique

(re-published here with permission from Dr. Jay Warren) — Last week, I heard a soon-to-be mother say to me something horrible: “Oh no, I wish I’d known about this sooner – now it’s too late!” The woman was 37 1/2 weeks pregnant with her first child. Her baby was stuck in a transverse lie and while the baby was moving … Read More

Light Force Chiropractic Techniques: VIDEO

Many of you are familiar with the “cracking” noise made during a Chiropractic adjustment but did you know there was another way of adjusting? Dr. Jay specializes in “light force” chiropractic techniques that release the stress and tension in your body that is impairing your health. In this video, he explains how these light touches work and how they may … Read More