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In this episode, we will cover:

  1. The basics of how acupuncture works to help the body
  2. The ways acupuncture can help a couple get pregnant
  3. Other healthy tips to support successful conception

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

About Maring Higa:

Natural medicine has always been an integral part of Maring’s personal journey. She has studied extensively in the area of infertility, pregnancy and post-partum recovery. In 2005, Maring traveled to Cheng Du, China to intern with some of the best gynecological doctors in the world.

Maring has specialized in treating male infertility, female infertility and pregnancy support for the past 6 years, and continues to study the most up to date information in this field.

Maring’s personal experience of having a difficult pregnancy and then suffering with post-partum depression has made it natural for her to empathize with women going through these very difficult times.