Low milk supply, mastitis, clogged ducts, and slow let down are common speak among breast feeding mothers. Some causative factors could be traumatic birth, C-section, excess IV fluids, and/or breast reduction surgery.

In Chinese medicine we view the root cause of breast feeding problems in terms of lack of blood, too much blood or fluids becoming blocked in the acupuncture channels. The treatment is to bring back harmony, remove blockages and restore blood flow, so we can improve pain and/or loss of function.

Here are a couple of points you can stimulate 2-3 times a day to help with the let down of milk and increase milk supply.

  • SI 1: This point is on the outside corner of the pinky nail
    This point as been shown to help improve mammillary filling, increase lactation, and prolactin levels. Great for low milk supply.
  • GB 21: Located at the highest point on the shoulder, midway between the spine and the shoulder
    Stimulation of this point helps promote the milk “let down” reflex.