To Be Courageous We Must Be Vulnerable

What I find in all accounts of courage in people past and present is that in order to be brave they also had to be vulnerable.  We cannot talk about being brave or courageous without also talking about being vulnerable.  The two cannot exist without the other.   Joan Halifax a buddhist nun names this as having a soft front … Read More

Courage to Let Go

Courage means something different for everyone. It might be courageous for you to speak in public, yet someone else may not bat an eye at that.   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what courage means to me as a mom, and I think it comes down to the courage to let my kids fail and the courage to … Read More

Courage Takes Practice

Courage is not the opposite of fear. A more accurate definition of courage is taking right action despite your fear.   To do this takes forethought and a lot of practice.   Yoga helps in so many ways.   When we practice yoga asana we are required to move our bodies into shapes and positions that are deep and demanding. Over time we … Read More

When Is Enough, Enough?

What does it take for us to feel abundant?   I had a financial advisor tell me once that no matter what amount of money people have, they always feel like they don’t have enough. “I work with people who have tens of millions of dollars and still they worry they don’t have enough,” he said.   Interesting.   The … Read More

Having More by Having Less

I have to be honest, I’ve been struggling with the theme this month.  I was all set to write about luck and how I always encourage everyone to go out and make their own luck.  But, alas, I’ve been given abundance and I’m going to be grateful!   For some reason, the word “abundance” does not resonate positively with me.  … Read More