Recently I have been trying to show up in my life by posing the question to myself  “what can I give today, rather than what can I get?”

I like to think of myself as a self-less person who thinks of others often and gives wherever I can.  But if I’m honest, I have to admit that I can get narrowly focused on my to do lists, my goals for the week, months and years to come, and forget all the simple ways that I can give to others day by day.  But, I’ve noticed by simply posing this question it changes the way I interact with people throughout the day.

With my patients, I try to focus on really hearing what they say. I make time to listen to their whole story. Sometimes we talk for just a few minutes but other times there is a longer conversation, it just depends on their needs.  I believe it’s in these real and meaningful connections that true healing comes from.  I’ve also learned when I give from an open heart I almost always get back so much more in the exchange.

In this holiday season where the focus of giving can tend to be mostly about gifts and sales and things to buy, we can also remember the simple profound gift of a smile, a kind word, a door held open, or an offer to take someone’s grocery cart.  All these things can create a huge ripple effect of joy and love.

Wishing you a restful holiday and good things in this New Year!