Fertility: Receptivity & Femininity are the Key


To build anything first you must create a good foundation. For fertility, nutrition, exercise, minerals and supplements all play a part, but we also need to develop our ability to receive by tapping into our femininity and our inherent creativity.

As modern women we are bombarded with mixed messages about what it means to be feminine. We are expected to be go-getters; taking care of the kids while holding down high powered/ high stress jobs, cooking and cleaning, looking sexy, and keeping it all together…ALL the time! This is not only exhausting, but it is also NOT conducive to creating fertility in our bodies. Instead, we need to slow down and learn to nurture and be receptive to all the beautiful things that we are naturally good at.

What do I mean by being receptive?

When I was in labor with my first child I remember wanting to “DO” labor, I felt that I needed to walk, bounce, move, push and change positions at all times. I was in a major masculine mode. But that didn’t work in my favor. What I needed to do was to allow, breathe, open, rest, and go inward. Still the athlete in me kept wanting to push forward.

This is similar to the way we want to control our fertility, when in fact, what is needed is more yielding opening, patience, and receiving. I know this can be hard advice to hear, let alone follow, but it can be done.

Here is a short list of simple ways you can begin incorporating femininity and receiving into your daily life:

  • Walking meditation
  • Yoga (but not the hot kind)
  • Accepting a compliment
  • Asking your partner or loved one for a foot massage
  • Asking for help from a friend or relative
  • Intentional breathing for 5 minutes
  • Wearing something that makes you feel sexy and beautiful for no reason at all other than because it makes you feel good

On May 21, I am conducting a fertility workshop, “Creating Fertile Ground” where we will delve more deeply into these topics of femininity and receptivity in safe and fun ways. We will use creative tools, meditation, and practical skills that have helped many of my clients to surrender to their own fertility. I hope you can join me.

Click here to register for the class.