Attitude of Gratitude

The other day I was lamenting to an accupuncturist friend about a pinch in my right groin and an ache in my left hamstring.  She listened politely then stopped me in my tracks when she asked “How much time do you spend in gratitude for the parts of your body that are actually feeling great right now?  Do you ever take your attention to your right big toe and think, wow my right big toe feels really good?”


Her simple words hit me like a ton of bricks!  


I realized how often my mental wanderings go to something to worry, complain or fixate about.  We humans are hardwired that way. So what happens when we turn our focus instead to all that is right in our lives?  What happens when we are grateful, truly grateful for all we have been given?


If you were to make a list of the things you are grateful for what would you include?  You might think to include your friends and family, your home and other material things that you own.  But would you remember to include beautiful sunrises and stunning sunsets, healing rain, running water, electricity, the ability to come and go freely? What about the earth which lovingly gives us nourishing food to eat?  Would you remember to include the very breath you are taking right now as you read these words?


How much more might we be grateful if we truly paid attention to everything around us in this moment in time rather than being swept away with thoughts about tomorrow or regrets about yesterday.