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Prenatal Flow: This all levels class offers an opportunity for expecting moms to connect to baby through a fluid series of postures designed to open, strengthen and support them through all three trimesters of pregnancy. Based in hatha yoga, each class will incorporate breath with movement through seated and standing postures that prepare the body for the birthing journey. You will learn relaxation techniques and pranayama (breathing exercises) that promote a healthy pregnancy. This class will be a great way to connect with other expecting moms!

Prenatal Vinyasa: This prenatal yoga class is for experienced pregnant yogis looking to continue their asana practice throughout their pregnancy.  If we have a regular yoga practice, but find some postures are becoming more challenging for us and our growing bellies, this class is a perfect, seamless transition.  Our teacher offers an invigorating flow designed especially for your ever evolving pregnant body.  The class is so good, your non-pregnant friends will want to come with you!

Prenatal Gentle/Beginner Yoga: This class is just what it says – a gentle yogic stretch with therapeutic postures to help open the body and soften your physical experience of the pregnancy journey.  Whether you’ve never practiced yoga before or are looking for a slower class option, this one is perfect for you.

Postnatal flow with Baby: This is an hour long energizing postnatal vinyasa flow where baby is welcome to join you on your mat!  We encourage mamas to have clearance from the OB or Midwife to return back to physical activity, which is typically around six weeks postpartum.  This is a fun class to bond with baby while honoring yourself and all the hard work you’re doing.  We encourage mom groups to come and enjoy this social setting for a yoga practice together.  (When baby becomes too mobile for mama to enjoy a solid practice, it might be time to graduate to the Moms & Movers class!)

Mom & Baby: Sharing a yoga practice is such a special bonding opportunity for Mama and baby.  In this class, we spend a small portion of the class singing sweet baby yoga songs and gently guiding our baby’s body to move into different positions.  The remainder of the class is focused on mommy, addressing any tension or stiffness that may be resulting from holding, sleeping, feeding a new little human.  The speed and level of this class varies from week to week, depending on a consensus from the group.

Moms & Movers: We welcome the babies that have graduated from our Mom & Baby class and are officially on the move! We will sing songs and learn yoga poses in a fun environment. Perfect for mobile babies up to four years old. Please, no snacks or toys inside the classroom.

Yoga Nidra:  This deep relaxation practice is an ancient meditation that is performed entirely while resting in a reclined, supported posture. You are systematically guided from fight-or-flight response into relaxation response where healing and restoration in both the body and mind can occur. Also known as “Yogic Sleep,” Yoga Nidra can take you to the restful state between wakefulness and sleep, the alpha-theta threshold, where deep relaxation and rejuvenation take place.


Pre & Post Natal Pilates: For new and expecting mothers.  Dr. Dawn Andalon teaches this class.  She is a leading Women’s Health Physical Therapist.  As a doctor of Physical Therapy, she helps support women to have a healthy pregnancy and empowering journey through motherhood and beyond.  This one hour class will include pelvic floor, mobility, and strength training to relieve common post natal body concerns and pregnancy discomforts to prep your body and mind for motherhood and beyond.  Restore balance in your body through breath work, healing and restorative exercises.


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