Post by: Britney Murillo, Prenatal Massage Therapist at CAP Wellness Center 

Most people understand that massages are beneficial for relaxation, releasing stress and toxins in the body, as well as providing an overall sense of well-being. These benefits of massage are maximized during pregnancy! You may have already switched to organic food, bought and begun reading books on parenthood, as well as sign up for birth education classes as you are investing in your future. Don’t stop there. Treating yourself to prenatal massage has healing and lasting benefits for a healthy, beautiful pregnancy and birth.


Here are the top 3 reasons to get a massage during pregnancy:

1. Aches and discomfort: Aches and pains are probably one of the top complaints during pregnancy. Relaxin is a hormone that helps loosen ligaments to make room for the tiny baby you are growing inside of you, and also makes birthing easier! (Relaxin = Good) As a result, your low back and hips may become tender. Maybe your posture has changed, and now your shoulders and neck are tight. There is a difference in the way you walk because of the weight you are carrying, and your feet are sore. Massage helps your body adapt to all these changes by relaxing and soothing all of these sensitive areas of change in the body.

2. Swelling and Congestion: There is a specific type of massage meant specifically for these two fluid retentions, called Lymph Drainage. Acupressure and aromatherapy also can help relieve these two symptoms. While some swelling is normal during massage, massage helps your circulation, which in turn helps reduce swelling. During pregnancy, blood volume may increase by up to 50%, so let’s maximize its efficacy! (Lymph drainage also gives your immune system a boost! Bonus!)

3. Sleeplessness: As a prenatal massage therapist, I hear about this often. Prenatal massage allow you to relax and give into the sleep that you need. You may find yourself falling asleep or dozing off on the massage table. This is good! It means that you are letting go and allowing yourself to completely relax. I will tell you, a massage therapist LOVES this. You are still getting all the benefits of massage- and your body heals while you rest, so in that sense you are paying for a super healing session. Brilliant!


In addition, your massage therapist can also make suggestions for how to maintain the positive effects of massage at home with techniques such as stretching, visualization, essential oils, and other naturally healing remedies.

Come in to CAP Wellness Center and experience the loving touch of a massage therapist today! You and your baby deserve it!