In this episode, Dr. Jay will:

  1. share what “going through a phase” might be like for your child, physically and emotionally (as well as you as a family) so you can help your child navigate it better
  2. give you tips that will help get through it without feeling like this phase (tantrums, late night wakings, stranger shyness, etc.) will never end (IT WILL, This Too Shall Pass)

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

About Dr. Jay Warren:

Dr. Jay Warren has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for 17 years. He is also the Wellness Care Coordinator at the CAP Wellness Center in San Diego, CA where 90% of his practice is pregnant or postpartum women and babies under one year old.

Dr. Jay is a proud member of the ICPA and APPPAH (the Association or Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and the host of the podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” in iTunes.

His online program, “Connecting with Baby” guides pregnant women through processes to strengthen maternal bonding for a happier pregnancy, gentler birth and easier post-partum experience.