Our guest on this episode of “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” is Michelle Muller, co-founder and Chief Mom of Little Spoon, a national organic baby food delivery service.

In this episode, we will cover:

  1. how Michelle’s own passion for food and cooking evolved from making her own baby’s food to a national brand
  2. how each developmental milestone requires specific nutritional elements that you might be missing
  3. why providing a variety of foods and spices early on develops your baby’s palate that will create “good eaters” later in life

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

About Michelle Muller:

Raised in Texas, Michelle enjoyed a down home Southern up-bringing, discovering a passion for food and cooking early on, while spending time with her grandmother in the kitchen. After moving to New York City and finding inspiration in the health and wellness world, she deepened her culinary interest, learning as much as she could about nutrition. When her first of three boys was born, Michelle was lucky enough to take a year off from work to spend with him and of course, make all his baby food herself.

Fast forward a couple of years and Michelle was back at her high-pressure job working typical New York City hours. With her second son now ready to eat solids and refusing to feed him jarred baby food, Michelle found herself using valuable weekend hours pureeing baby food instead of spending time with her boys. It was time for a career change: Michelle left her corporate job to launch the country’s premier baby food nutrition plan delivery service, Little Spoon.

Michelle believes strongly that every child deserves the most fresh and nutritious food possible. Now, with three healthy little foodies Pearce, Rylan and Brandt, Michelle sees Little Spoon as the perfect opportunity to continue her mission and bring fresh baby food to growing children nationwide.

In her spare time, you can find Michelle hanging with her boys, running in Central Park, traveling the world and culinary adventuring around NYC.