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This is the first episode in a new series where we follow one of our Cap Wellness couples through their pregnancy. This will be a real and honest “slice of life” showing what first-time parents experience as they prepare for delivery, birth and becoming parents. We will follow Amanda & HR as they go to prenatal visits, take birth classes, plan baby showers and all of the other ups and downs with family, friends, work, etc. that are common to everyone as they go through during pregnancy. It is our hope that their story helps you as you go through your pregnancy as well when you realize that they are just like you.

Guest: Amanda Dudley, a newly pregnant woman who is excited to start her prenatal journey with Dr. Cap and the team at the Cap Wellness Center as her guides.

In this episode, we will cover:

  1. the beginning of Amanda’s story and how she came to choose Dr. Cap as her OB
  2. how she plans on telling her family and HR’s family with the news that they are pregnant
  3. what the challenges are that she and HR will face during this pregnancy and what they plan to do to overcome them

Resources mentioned in the conversation: