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Our guest on this episode is Dr. Jeanne Ohm, CEO of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), lead instructor of the Webster Certification Program and practicing chiropractor since 1981.

In this episode, we will cover:

  1. Dr. Ohm’s simple phase that helps her pregnant moms ground and center themselves so that they can make better decisions for their birth (and parenting choices)
  2. As the international instructor that trains chiropractors in the Webster Technique, she describes what the technique is (and isn’t) and how it can help you in your pregnancy
  3. How to stay connected and carry the natural birthing principles and practices you use in pregnancy into motherhood


Resources mentioned in the conversation:


Bio: About Dr. Jeanne Ohm

Dr. Jeanne Ohm has been a practicing chiropractor in a family, wellness based practice since 1981.

She is the author of numerous papers on pregnancy, birth, children and chiropractic as well as the co-author of several research papers published in major journals.  

She is an International lecturer on the topic of “Chiropractic Care in Pregnancy and Infancy” and a Post Graduate Instructor for numerous Chiropractic Colleges.

She is also the CEO of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the lead instructor of the ICPA’s Webster Certification Program and the Executive Publisher and Editor of the “Pathways to Family Wellness” magazine.

Dr. Ohm is committed to educating practitioners about specific chiropractic techniques and care for pregnancy, birth & infancy that promotes natural birthing. She is also dedicated to empowering mothers to make informed choices in pregnancy and birth.

She is married to Dr. Thomas Ohm, also a chiropractor. They have 6 children together who have all received chiropractic care since conception. They were all born at home and are living the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.