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Our guest on this episode is Dr. Ogi Ressel.

In this episode, we will cover:

  1. What the difference is between “sick care” and true health care
  2. How to create a “Wellness team” for the care of your family
  3. Dr. Ogi’s expert advice on how to start off your child’s life healthy


Resources mentioned in the conversation:


Bio: About Dr. Ogi Ressel

Dr. Ogi is a pediatric researcher, clinician, international lecturer and writer.

Dr. Ogi has been a staff writer for numerous national magazines and newspapers where has published over 800 articles on Chiropractic and Children.

We will be talking today about his book, “Kids-First: Health with No Interference. How to Raise a Healthy Child Outside the Medical Model” which has just be re-released.

It was Dr. Ogi and Dr. Larry Webster who started the whole pediatric awareness and movement on the planet – when it comes to kids health, he really has no equal.