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Our guest on this episode is San Diego naturopath, Dr. Michelle Wolford.

In this episode, we will cover:

1) How a Naturopathic doctor’s approach to health is similar and different from conventional medicine.

2) The types of conditions Dr. Wolford treats children for in her office – acute sickness vs. chronic problems.

3) Case studies of children that naturopathic medicine has helped with digestive issues, immune system problems and ADHD.

Resources mentioned in the conversation:

● Dr. Michelle Wolford’s website: www.LifeInMotionMed.com

● online version of her publication talked about in the episode: The Greatest Gift: Getting to the Root with Cellular Balancing

Bio: Dr. Michelle Wolford

Dr. Michelle Wolford graduated in 2010 from National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR where she specialized in Naturopathic Care as a primary care doctor.

She is currently the owner and head doctor at Life In Motion, in Encinitas, CA.  

The focus of Dr. Wolford’s practice is acute and chronic illness in adult and pediatric patients with the majority of her patient focus being digestion, hormones & pediatrics.  

Her treatment focus is on cellular drainage through the use of natural medicine while respecting the physiological principles of cellular excretion and revival.

Prior to medical school, Dr. Wolford was a nutritionist, personal chef and personal trainer.  

Throughout the last 10 years she has also spent a great deal of studying energy medicine by studying with shamans all over the world and working with Paramhansa Nithyananda out of India.

Dr. Wolford has incorporated a spiritual essence into her treatment modalities and practice as the root of most physical disharmony starts with the mental-emotional and energetic bodies.

She can be contacted through her website: www.LifeInMotionMed.com