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This Prenatal Nutrition workshop will encourage and educate you, as you eat for you and baby. Topics will include:

Food & lifestyle recommendations
A conversation on the current pregnancy guidelines and where they fall short
A discussion about the “foods to avoid” list
How to tackle food aversions & nausea

Katie Shain, MS, is a Perinatal Nutritionist, who helps women optimize their bodies for pregnancy so that they can experience more ease with their pregnancy, have better birth outcomes and improved postpartum recoveries. Unlike cookie cutter & rigid approaches that don’t take into account someone’s unique health history & preferences while promoting unnecessary anxiety, she works with women through a personalized, sensible approach that is supportive of their needs in pregnancy and as they navigate through the early years of motherhood.
Sign up below or call the center to register over the phone 760-634-9715.
Cost: $30

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