Lactation support is very important to us at Cap Wellness Center. We offer an out of hospital Newborn Care/Breastfeeding class to educate you on the latest science behind breastfeeding and the relationship that forms between you and your little one.

We also host a FREE weekly support group on Wednesdays run by Christa Gonzalez, CLEC, MSN.

But reading about latch-on basics and trying to translate text and pictures into what to do with your baby at your breast can be difficult. It’s much easier to have someone show you early on, before latch problems turn into sore nipples or problems with baby not getting enough milk. If your baby has difficulties with latch or sucking, or has other health problems that complicate breastfeeding, seeing a lactation specialist can help you resolve these issues before you give up.

Christa Gonzalez, CLEC, MSN offers Lactation Support to first time mothers as well as mothers who may have breastfeeding experience but are having difficulty presently. Having Christa on staff also provides onsite and home consults for new parents. Trouble shooting early can prevent long term issues with breastfeeding.

To make an appointment, please contact the Cap Wellness Center at 760-634-9715.

Christa Demment González


Christa Demment González is a certified lactation educator counselor (CLEC) who is passionate about helping families with breastfeeding. Additionally, Christa has a Masters degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University’s accredited holistic nutrition program.

Christa’s goal is for the entire family to feel supported and prepared, not scared. She believes the journey of parenthood is an amazing collaboration and wants both parents to be involved. Christa also helps new families by focusing on nutrition throughout the stages of pregnancy, post-partum and beyond. Nutrition is critical during pregnancy and while nursing. She has been passionately cooking and teaching on boats, islands and in private homes since 2001. Her previous careers in book publicity, as regional manager for a bag company, sailor and outdoor educator have taught her to stay open-minded and think on her feet. Applying that in the kitchen, it is her goal to translate nutritional science into delicious, family-friendly recipes.

Christa teaches the breastfeeding class at CAP Wellness and coordinates care with the Lactation Consultants at Scripps Memorial Hospital in Encinitas where she was a volunteer for two years. Christa also offers bilingual, private in-home breastfeeding classes and nutrition counseling for breastfeeding moms and their families. Her recipes and words of support can be found at