One of my favorite saying is: “It is not happy people who are grateful; it is grateful people who are happy.”  To the very core of my being, I believe this to be true.

Being grateful for the things we have, and shifting our perspective can truly lead to happiness.  Start every day by focusing on the things you are grateful for.  When things get tough, focus on the good, the light, the joy.

It’s not always easy and can be a bit ridiculous, but the last time my 8 year old got mad about something, she stormed off, called me the worst mom ever and slammed her door.  Before going into her room to rip the door off it’s hinges and take away all of her toys (not really, but I SOOO wanted to), I said to myself – I am so grateful I have kids.  I know many who were not so lucky.  I am so grateful that my daughter is independent and verbal and assertive and strong.  I know many who are not.  I am so grateful that she can storm off on two healthy legs.  There are kids who can’t do this.  I am so grateful to have a house and where my daughter has her own room with a door that she can slam.  There are children who are homeless.

These thoughts took me about 30 seconds.  It was just enough time to shift my perspective so that I could go into her room with love and explain to her why I did what I did and why her behavior was rude and not acceptable.  We hugged it out and moved on.  That scenario could have gone the door-ripping-toy-burning-route, but I’m so glad it didn’t.

These are little people with big emotions and not a full set of tools for managing those emotions.  These are little people who I would give my life for.  I can at least show them the maturity to take a minute for gratitude and approach the situation like a grown-up.

I want that for my kids; I want them to focus on all the good: to find the joy. With gratitude, comes happiness.

Wishing you all joy this month.

With gratitude,
Angie & Dr. Cap