This one goes out to all the dads. You guys have a tough gig and we ladies sometimes don’t give you enough credit. Today, you are expected to be everything. Hard and strong, soft and empathetic. We expect you to work all day and then come home and help with the kids and the house because either we have been doing it all day and are about to lose our last sane brain cell, or because we have also been working all day and want to do this together … or we might need a break too.  


Once when the kids were small, I remember Nick getting home from work and I asked him to help me fold the laundry. He said, “I’ve been running around delivering babies all day and all night!” So, without missing a beat, I nicely asked him “what would you like to do before folding laundry?” Touche he said, and helped me fold the laundry.  


The days of bringing you slippers and a scotch when you get home from work while a hot home made dinner awaits your arrival are long gone. Sorry not sorry. Oh, and the old pictures where the women had their hair fixed and were all dolled up in dresses and aprons and heels just makes me laugh so hard I actually pee a little. When my babies were little, my poor husband was lucky if i didn’t have old baby puke crusted to my shirt that I probably had been wearing for two days straight. Love you honey.  


So, we want to just acknowledge (I’m speaking for all the women here) just how amazing and bad ass we think all of you dads are. We know it’s not easy. We know how hard you work and how thankless that may be. Thank you for getting in the trenches with us and tackling all the joys of parenthood. For all the dirty diapers, the puke on your shirt, and all of our emotional roller coaster we put you through, we salute you. We hope you know just how much we love you and appreciate how much you do. You are our everything. Thank you.  


P.S. Sorry about the lack of lovey time, I really do feel tired.