In small ways we can make every day a more perfect day just by slowing down and becoming more mindful of the experience we are having in the moment…this is the practice of mindfulness. All too often I find myself caught up in my to-do lists and go through my day forgetting my deep desire to remain mindful.  But sometimes I DO remember and I make better choices and when I do the result is a “perfect day.” Last week I had one of those “perfect days” so I wrote this list to remind myself that the choice is always mine. I’m sharing it with you in hopes that your Mother’s Day will be a mindful one.

Today was a perfect day..  Here is what I DIDN’T do:

  • Work
  • Go to yoga class
  • Weed the garden
  • Grocery shop
  • Send tax documents to my CPA
  • Fill out the medical paperwork for my Mother-in-law
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Check my bank balance
  • Look at instagram or facebook
  • Call anyone
  • Run errands
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Listen to the radio
  • Worry

Here’s what I DID do:

  • Watch a lizard scurry across the patio
  • Hold my 7 month old granddaughter most of the day because she has a cold and needs it
  • Show my 3 year old grandson a HUGE grasshopper on the fence
  • Watch a dump truck dump who knows how many cubic yards of dirt on the construction site behind the fence (a huge delight for him)
  • Eat delicous homemade vegetable soup
  • Serve my grandson tortilla chips with small slices of avacado on them, one by one
  • Build lego trains
  • Play with rocks
  • Sit on the bench under the Camphor tree with the baby watching the koi
  • Enjoy all of the amazing flowers in the spring garden
  • Feel the breeze on my face
  • Marvel at the vibrant colors of the sky, the trees, the garden, the world
  • Revel in the sound of the wind chimes
  • Listen to the train in the distance
  • Watch a helicopter overhead
  • Take a shower then afterward watch the water vapor in the room move like an ameoba as I breathed
  • Listen
  • Write this list
  • Feel overwhelming gratitude

It was a very busy day.  A perfect day of DOING “nothing.”

Wishing all of you a Beautiful, MINDFUL Mother’s Day!