3 Yoga Stretches for Healthy Shoulders While Breastfeeding

Here are three great poses to help keep your shoulders healthy throughout your breastfeeding journey:

  1. Face a wall and place one arm out to the side shoulder height. Bend that arm to 90*. Slowly start to peel your body away from the wall until only the arm and shoulder are touching the wall. Breathe deeply, open mouth exhale. Move slowly, continue deeper if your body and breath allow for more space. Stay for about 10 deep breaths. Repeat other side! (A little trick to test out what you’ve just done is to stand in Tadasana for a couple of breaths observing the right & left sides of your body to see if you notice any difference!)
  2. Grab a couple of firm pillows or blankets and place them on the floor creating one long bolster. Sit down in front of them scooting your hips all the way back to your “bolster.” Lie down slowly and open your arms out to the side in line with your shoulders, palms facing the ceiling. Relax here for at least 10 breaths, or 10 minutes if you can!
  3. The magic of a tennis ball – my favorite! Keep a tennis ball in the console of your car. When your shoulders are feeling they need some attention, stick it between your upper back and the seat of your car. At the red light, get busy rolling it around and find those sweet spots and really get in there. Hold it in the extra tight spots and breathe deeply, exhaling through the mouth. Sometimes I feel like a dog when they have an itch and find anything to scratch against, but, hey, it’s totally worth the weird looks at the stop light!

Happy Shoulders, Happy Mommy!

Amanda James