Don’t Walk When You Can Dance

It’s the new year and so it is a time of thought and reflection.  What do we hope to bring into our lives and what do we hope to let go of in 2019?  These are excellent questions to pose at any time, but the new year is the perfect springboard to ponder these ideas because a new year feels … Read More

How to Slow Down When Life Moves So Fast

Is it just me, or did December pass in a blur?  I blinked and it was 2019.  I feel like I need to do a better job of holding onto all of the little moments and cherishing this time with my family and friends.  I think I need to calendar more downtime.  Time to just play games with the kids, … Read More

Thriving in the Postpartum Period

As many of you know, I am a postpartum doula with extra training and certifications in traditional holistic postpartum care. I believe that if we moms were better prepared and equipped for, as well as supported through, the sacred postpartum period, many ailments could be lessened if not avoided.  Before baby’s arrival the focus is on the mother’s well-being, with frequent … Read More

“Unused Creativity is NOT Benign”

Whew, when I heard Brene Brown say this in an interview with Oprah Winfrey I stopped dead in my tracks.  Rarely do I hear creativity talked about as an essential part of our health and well being.  Most of us think of it as an after thought or the thing we will get to once all our “shoulds” are complete. … Read More