Slow Down, Be Present

It’s December and in the spirit of slowing down, I’m going to keep this one short.  Winter is nature’s way of forcing us to rest and while San Diego may not get snowed in, enjoy the cold (yes, I was born here, it’s cold!) and give yourself the grace to take the extra time you need.  

So instead of organizing the pantry, indulge in a bubble bath, enjoy a long meal with family and friends, or just curl under a blanket with a cup of hot tea (or big glass of wine) and read a book by the fire. 

One of our patients – who happens to be a Mindfulness Coach – just walked in the door as I’m writing this (I’m not even kidding, that really just happened, point for karma) and told me that like anything else, we need to PRACTICE and TRAIN ourselves to be present in the moment and slow down if it is not in our nature. 

So, let’s make that December’s goal.  Slow down.  Be present.  It’s ok to go to sleep early and snuggle a little longer in bed in the mornings.  Read to your kids, watch movies, spend time cooking your favorite meals.  I was signed up for bootcamp on Thanksgiving morning, but cancelled it to watch Christmas movies with my kids.  I’m not going to get that time back with with them – and I want to remember snuggling on the couch with them when they were little.  My kids are never going to remember if I had an extra five pounds on me this winter.  They are not going to remember if the bins in the garage are organized, if my e-mail inbox is empty or if the dishes sat in the sink an extra day or two.  And the truth is that I won’t remember it either, neither would you. So, enjoy the moment.  Soak it up.  It will be 2021 before you know it.

With peace and love,

Dr. Cap + Angie