As 2017 winds down I, like most people, am taking a peek back to reflect on the past year; what surprised me, what challenged me, and what would I like more of in my life.

There were many great things that happened this year in my acupuncture practice, from sharing in the moments of positive pregnancy tests, to helping ease morning sickness, to assisting in the start of labor and so much more.

But my most favorite thing has been getting to know and build relationships with all of my patients.

I love the deep conversations that come through during our acupuncture sessions.  I believe that part of our healing comes from being able to tell our stories and be heard and seen without judgment.

I’ve heard stories of miscarriage and feelings of loneliness and struggles in marriages, the disappointment of yet another negative pregnancy test and the intense worry that comes with motherhood.

And while we all wish that we could just be celebrating the high moments of our lives, I know that the lows are often the times when we learn most about our resilience and our strength.  I always mirror back to patients that they were/are doing amazing, beautiful work even when it doesn’t feel that way.

As I think about what intentions I would like to set for my practice in 2018, I think about all of the wonderful people I have met and the ones yet to come.  For them I want to create more resources; workshops and classes to cultivate community among those trying to conceive and those who are looking for tools to help them through their pregnancy.

Right now I’m in the process of creating a Pregnancy Acupressure e-course.

What kind of resources do you want? If you could wave a magic wand and feel better in any aspect of your pregnancy or fertility journey what tools would you need? Please let me know!  If I already have a resource that would help you, I’ll send it your way!

Wishing you health and healing in the New Year!