The Studio at Cap Wellness

The Studio at Cap Wellness Center is a sanctuary where students are supported through a variety of different class offerings. Classes include fluid movement, strength and confidence building, relaxation and community connection for women journeying through the prenatal and postpartum experience. Classes are designed to allow students of all levels to nourish their bodies (and babies!) through this exciting time with safe sequencing, hands on adjustments and meditation.

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Current Classes

Sensual Energy Awakening - Sun Mar 27, 4p

*Self-massage * Yoga * Stretching * Primal Movement * Dance *
Join KT on this 90 minute journey to Love UP on yourSelf.  Because when you feel good, you have a greater capacity to DO good

This is a class to reunite body, mind & spirit into the present moment. To become aware of our five senses through movement, meditation & mindfulness.

VISION: Surround yourself with something that brings you joy: a talisman, a crystal, a sticker, a framed image, a piece of jewelry, etc.

TASTE: Bring your own preferred libation: fresh juice, sparkling water or tea in a closed container (and non-alcoholic)

SMELL: add some of your favorite essential oil to your mask or washcloth to awaken your olfactory system (without offending anyone else’s)

SOUND: A curated collection of music will act as our guide

TOUCH: Wear something silky, smooth, fuzzy, soft or textured. Bring your yoga mat and anything else that feels good on your skin and expect to run your fingers through your hair & your hands along your muscles

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Yoga is Back - Tues and Thur 12:30p-1:30p

Maintaining a regular yoga practice throughout pregnancy and into your postpartum period will help support your changing body, assist in labor and delivery, help encourage a healthy recovery and introduce you to a new way to relax and restore from the inside out. The Studio at Cap Wellness is where women can connect with women who are navigating the beautiful labyrinth of pregnancy, birth and new little ones!

Please pay and register online prior to scheduled class time.

We do require advanced registration for special offerings as space is limited.

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