Faith In Life Itself

In Sanskrit there is an important word, it is śraddhā – which means conviction, faith or trust; śrad literally means “that which gives you space and holds you in place” and dhā provides nourishment for you to grow

śraddhā plays a significant role in yoga philosophy.  It is one of the five things Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras tell us is necessary for a sustained and successful practice and a successful life.  This idea of faith is not “religious” faith, but rather a fundamental trust in ourselves and, more importantly, in the very process of life itself.  It is the faith that we are moving forward in life in the right direction, even when we are faced with major obstacles, especiallywhen we are faced with obstacles.

This kind of faith leads to another essential quality in yoga practice, virya which is the Sanskrit word for the strength, energy and enthusiasm that we need to persevere through all of life’s ups and downs. These two simple concepts together can make a huge difference in how we see our lives and how we see ourselves.