When it’s dark out…Look for the light

I always look for stars in the night and rainbows in the rain. These past four weeks have been scary and hard, but there is still so much joy. I will cherish the time I got to stay home and snuggle in pajamas all day with my kids. The days we carb-loaded on pasta and rice because it was the … Read More

Important Movement Considerations for Pregnancy

Under more normal day to day circumstances, most humans do not move their bodies enough. Now add social distancing and staying-at-home to the mix, and you’ve got a recipe for stagnation! Movement helps in stress reduction which is essential for a proper functioning immune system as well. Not only will movement keep your lymphatic and circulatory systems pumping and nourishing … Read More


This week I saw butterflies mating, a brave coyote stroll up our driveway and a mama sparrow patiently sitting on her eggs while the daddy sparrow fed her grubs and worms. I have kept up with my usual routine of writing three morning pages and have enjoyed watching as my side yard slowly becomes more colorful right before my eyes. … Read More

COVID-19: Promoting Health & Safety for Everyone

Hi everyone, We wanted to update our amazing community on the current status of the COVID-19 and what we know. This situation is increasingly causing concern and Dr. Cap is monitoring it closely. Pregnancy and COVID-19:Dr. Cap wants you to know that thankfully pregnant patients are among a healthier demographic and data from China confirms this. There were only 34 … Read More

Journey or the Destination

Happy March!!  I don’t know about you, but my kids have already started thinking about elaborate ways to catch Leprechauns.  They are desperately trying to convince me that we NEED to buy Lucky Charms cereal so that we can entice the Leprechauns to come to our house in the first place. (I think the very idea of having a sugary … Read More

Introducing Dr. Kim McHugh

WELCOME to the newest member of our Cap Wellness family Dr. Kim is joining Dr. Jay in serving our Cap Wellness families with the finest chiropractic care. Dr. Kim specializes in pregnancy, infant care, and lactation issues. Her passion for working with this population started with the pregnancy and birth of her two daughters, both born safely at home and … Read More

Write Yourself a Love Note

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and as a mom of three elementary school kids, that usually just means another excuse for them to eat chocolate and candy in class.  Obviously they are thrilled.  Most valentines are a generic: “I’m ‘beary’ happy you’re in my class” with a packet of gummy bears attached, or something cute and pinteresty. (Yes, I’m guilty … Read More

Progress Not Perfection

Ok, so here we are, January 2020, full of resolutions, enthusiasm, and energy.  Except, it’s January 9th, and the reason the newsletter hasn’t gone out yet, is because they have been waiting for my submission.  Embarrassing.  Of all months, I’m supposed to be crushing this one. Except, I’m not feeling the January wave of resolve.  I’m feeling exhausted and having … Read More