A Letter of Gratitude to You

November is the month of Thanksgiving.  As the year is winding to an end, I like to take this month to reflect on all the things I am thankful for.  No matter what you believe, if you are thanking God or the universe, or simply fate, take the time to say it out loud or write it down.  The act … Read More

Gratitude in Motion

I grew up in a household where we always had a pack of origami paper lying around.  I remember fondly, on Christmas after the presents had been opened and our bellies were full, my family and I would fold origami while we talked and hung out.  I learned to fold paper cranes, balls, flowers, cameras, animals, paper cups, and more. … Read More

Attitude of Gratitude

The other day I was lamenting to an accupuncturist friend about a pinch in my right groin and an ache in my left hamstring.  She listened politely then stopped me in my tracks when she asked “How much time do you spend in gratitude for the parts of your body that are actually feeling great right now?  Do you ever … Read More

Becoming Grateful For My Mom-Bod

Some women give birth and look exactly like they did pre-baby in no time. I was not so lucky. Pregnancy left me covered in stretch marks and feeling like a stranger in my mom body. I was ashamed of my scars and felt like my body had betrayed me and let me down. I spent years hating what I saw … Read More

We Are Here For You

I feel like I am not the one to write this.  Tragic loss is not something I’ve experienced in my life.  I still have both my parents, I’ve never lost a sibling, and I’ve never lost a baby.  Yes, I have known and lost all four of my grandparents, but either when I was too young to truly comprehend it, … Read More

Feeling The Loss of “What Might Have Been”

This is an old blog post about me as a parent trying to make sense of the newness of my son’s Autism diagnosis and the resulting grief and loss over “what might have been”.  This picture is from 3 years ago. _____________________________________________________________________________________ An old friend of mine, who is an exercise enthusiast, came to visit me and I brought him … Read More

Finding Equanimity

When I began on this yogic path, the most difficult thing for me to grasp was the concept of equanimity.  This is the ultimate goal of any yoga practice, learning to be ok with life, no matter what it throws at you, the good AND the bad, the gain AND the loss.   All yoga practices are geared at teaching … Read More

Motherhood, Grieving and Feelings of Loss

When you see the words “motherhood” and “loss” together, you might automatically assume that only refers to mothers who have experienced pregnancy, infant or child loss. Losing a child at any age is an immense loss and tremendous heartache, but it is not the only time a mother will experience feelings of loss.   Sometimes, these feelings can begin during … Read More

You Cannot Pour From An Empty Cup

Being a parent is hard. Being an adult is hard. It’s time to recognize that and cut ourselves a little slack. September is national self care month, and I want to say this right now – you cannot pour from an empty cup. It is not only ok to be a little self-ish, it’s a down right necessity if you … Read More

Self Care Tips for New Moms

Self-care isn’t just a bubble bath, or a pedicure. Sometimes it’s asking for help, saying “Yes” or even saying “No”. There’s this assumption that we moms have to do all the things. We have to take care of the baby, prepare nutritious meals, maintain healthy relationships, maintain our looks and somehow maintain our sanity too! So, what’s a new mom … Read More