prayatna = effort; shaithilya = letting go or ease   There is a yoga expression that seems very relevant when we consider how to overcome the overwhelm that so many of us feel trying to find balance in our lives.  That expression is prayatna shaithilya which translates as effort and ease.   In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras this expression refers to … Read More

Podcast 120: 9 Ways Dads Can Best Support Moms During Pregnancy | Dr. Jay Warren

Today’s guest on the podcast is…me! (Dr. Jay Warren, prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, member of APPPAH (and PPNE candidate) and the ICPA as well as podcast host of The Dadhood Journey.) In this episode, Dr. Jay will: Go over 9 ways that Dads-to-be can support their partner during pregnancy so that they feel loved, supported and nurtured (yes, rubbing their … Read More

New Podcast

As you know, I have been hosting the podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies” for the last 2 1/2 years supporting mainly pregnant women, new moms and their babies – 100+ episodes, 80+ guest experts and over 450,000 downloads to date.   But I have seen a LARGE GAP in the support that new DADS need when entering family life (or … Read More

For All The Dads

This one goes out to all the dads. You guys have a tough gig and we ladies sometimes don’t give you enough credit. Today, you are expected to be everything. Hard and strong, soft and empathetic. We expect you to work all day and then come home and help with the kids and the house because either we have been … Read More

Shiva – The Divine Masculine

We think of masculine and feminine as polar opposites, but the truth is they are two complimentary parts of the same whole. These two forces of nature are portrayed in Chinese philosophy as yin ad yang and in Hindu mythology as Shiva and Shakti, archetypes representing the divine masculine and feminine that are part of everything in life, including all … Read More


Shakti is one of the most important goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, she represents the feminine, the creator, the nurturer. Shakti’s love is a mother’s love, she brings things into being, nurtures and sustains, providing warmth and security.   Shakti’s male counterpart is Shiva, the divine masculine, the transformer, the destroyer of illusion and the god of meditation. Shiva symbolizes … Read More

The Infinite Power of Our Light

“Only when we’re brave enough To explore the darkness will we discover The infinite power of our light.”      -Brene Brown   In Chinese medicine everything is in relationship to another.  Wholeness is the aim and restoring balance both internally and externally is the goal.   Because most of my clients are women I talk with them about the ebb and … Read More

Femininity – What Does it Mean?

This is another tough one for me.  I feel torn.  Part of me hears this word and I’m instantly wrapped in cashmere and wearing pearls with big loose curls in my hair swaggering with a sparkle in my eye and a knowing smile on my face.  My feet are adorned with stilettos while I carry a tall, delicate glass of … Read More