Podcast 123: Self-Care for Dads

In this episode, Dr. Jay will: explain why Self-Care for Dads is just as important as self-care for Moms the 4 areas that Dads need to be putting time and energy into to make sure you’re taking good care of yourself what you can do on a daily (and at the very least weekly) basis to keep yourself well so … Read More

Cooling The Fire

I’ve been noticing the past couple of weeks that as the temperature rises outside, so does my internal thermometer.  I’ve been much more easily irritated, impatient and frustrated. I wondered what the heck was wrong with me? Then I remembered that summertime is the season of PItta, the fire dosha according to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga.  In the … Read More

Vacation Calm…hardly!

Ok, this topic makes me laugh. When I promised to write this a month ago, I thought: This couldn’t be any easier! I’ll be in a small village in Crete exuding calm; sweating calm through my pores. I won’t need to find calm, calm is gonna hit me in the face. I’m gonna write the pants off this ‘calm’ thing … Read More

8 Things I Want You To Know

Hope you are enjoying the summer!   My family and I have spent a lot of time enjoying the amazing things San Diego has to offer during summer time!  I’ll keep this short and sweet with 8 things I’m excited to share with you! Some of the fun things we have done so far this summer are, San Diego Summer concerts … Read More

Adventuring Into The Unknown

Whenever we start a new adventure we enter into the unknown.  And even though there are feelings of excitement that come along with new adventures there are also feelings of overwhelm because of the many things we feel we do not know in new situations.     This feeling of overwhelm is something I hear commonly in my practice.  Whether … Read More

4 Things That Can Really Help

All too often, I hear from moms that they are overwhelmed. I’m always surprised when people ask me – “How do you do it? Three kids, a husband who works like crazy, and running a busy practice.” I never really stopped to think about it, but I think I’ve finally figured out a few ways to overcome feeling overwhelmed.   … Read More


prayatna = effort; shaithilya = letting go or ease   There is a yoga expression that seems very relevant when we consider how to overcome the overwhelm that so many of us feel trying to find balance in our lives.  That expression is prayatna shaithilya which translates as effort and ease.   In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras this expression refers to … Read More

Podcast 120: 9 Ways Dads Can Best Support Moms During Pregnancy | Dr. Jay Warren

Today’s guest on the podcast is…me! (Dr. Jay Warren, prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, member of APPPAH (and PPNE candidate) and the ICPA as well as podcast host of The Dadhood Journey.) In this episode, Dr. Jay will: Go over 9 ways that Dads-to-be can support their partner during pregnancy so that they feel loved, supported and nurtured (yes, rubbing their … Read More