It’s back to school time – quite an auspicious transition these past days have been!  We just had a huge energetic shift with the total solar eclipse that encouraged us, knowingly or unknowingly, to move forward from the heart and release those old ways of living and thinking.  One takeaway from esoteric astrologers regarding this recent eclipse was to lose our acceptance of the illusion of separateness and work towards rebuilding our communities.One way we are trying to support the mamas at Cap Wellness Center is by offering more opportunities for your yoga practice.  We understand it can be hard to get a practice in when you’re a mom to little ones, so we have added Yoga for Moms on Monday morning from 9-10am.  We have a beautiful new instructor Olivia Penton, mother of two little ones, that understand what we need.

In this class we welcome you to bring your baby, toddler or preschooler; this is perfect for those of you with older children returning to school.  It can definitely be a challenge sometimes, but a little (yoga) goes a long way!

Also, beginning September 5th, our beloved Holly Suter will be guiding our Moms & Movers Yoga class.  On Tuesday mornings from 9:30-10:15am, Holly will encourage the littles to attempt some yoga poses, as well as include time for the grown ups to practice a few poses themselves.

I hope your transition back into some sort of a routine is seamless and full of love.  Remember, no matter if you’re pregnant with your first or your fourth, we are all in this together…learning, growing & evolving.  Wishing you much peace and deep joy on your journey, wherever you are.