One of the yogic paths to self-realization is Bhakti yoga, the path of love and devotion. Following this path means learning to see the divine in everything and everyone.   Hatha yoga (the yoga of asana) requires a strong and flexible body, Raja yoga (yoga of meditation) requires a disciplined and concentrated mind and Jnana yoga (yoga of wisdom) requires … Read More

Love and Humanness

Traditionally when we think of February we think about it being the month of love. but it also happens to be Black History month, so I thought I would share a poem by Maya Angelou on love and humanness.   We may not think about love having an impact on our health but it turns out that the having and … Read More

In Love With Love

The older I get the more I realize just how precious our time is. I see too many sad stories on the news and way too many GoFundMe pages on Facebook that leave tears streaming down my face.  My take away from all the sadness is to figure out what you love and what makes you happy and then pursue … Read More